Sunday, February 19, 2017
AlphaStemSource is created with the mission to promote adult, autologous stem cells research, to improve its success rate, to lower rejection risks in the human body and in doing so, facilitate stem cell research, cell therapies and tissue engineering within the BioTechnology world. 
In parallel, we currently focus on one application namely bone regeneration but for sure we see many different indications profiting from our new technology and procedures.

"Helping the Body to Heal Itself"  

For more information do not hesitate to contact us,
Pierre Philippart,
PhD & CMO AlphaStemSource

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Opportunites for Clinical Applications using MSC stem cells are multiple.  We are investigating in clinical applications, such as immunosuppression effects for tissue grafts and cell transplants, tissue engineering and ...
Our biggest differentiator is the fact that we use 'autologous' stem cells and induce them in an 'in vivo' environment, reducing the need for Biobanking. Our technology appears to be :

  • cheaper than current existing stem cells inducing technologies
  • strongly lowering rejection risks and other negative side effects recently noticed after using allogenic stemcells and/or in vitro cultivation.
  • resulting in much better quality stem cells
  • having shorter throughput times during induction

Partnership with Bioptis: Alphastemsource signed a partnership contract for animal studies (horse) based on autologous stem cells production aimed to heal tendon, ligaments and bone regeneration.

Partnership with ULB (Free University of Brussels, Belgium)

Partnership with ULG (Free University of Liège, Belgium)

AlphaStemSource is founded in July 2009


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